Vision 2030
for Finnish
music education

Vision 2030 for Finnish Music Education is a shared vision for the future of music education in Finland. Completed during 2019–2020, this collaborative effort brought together all actors in the field at all levels of education.

The Finnish music education has long been an internationally acknowledged success story. However, in recent decades, budget cuts and structural changes in social and educational policy have brought challenges also to music education. Vision 2030 builds a joint vision for developing music education in response to new expectations, such as offering increasingly diverse options for music education and providing access to the proven wellbeing impact of music and music education.

Vision 2030 consists of three main themes and 25 action proposals to create and reinforce a shared understanding about development needs, goals and actions in Finnish music education and to support cooperation between actors, both regionally and nationally.

The three main themes of the vision


Music education has an impact on society


Music education allows cooperation and continues learning to flourish


Equitable music education is facilitated by suitable structures and resources

25 proposals for action

Within the main themes there are 25 proposals for action through which the desired vision will be attained.

We compiled the vision within these covers

Vision summary

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In 2022, Vision 2030 for Finnish Music Education was complemented by similar visions for visual arts education and performing arts education. They are available on the University of the Arts homepage.